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About Me


  I am so happy to share with you one of my greatest passions.
Léush Boutique has become more than a company I oversee- it’s become a vision, one in which I could create things that give people, especially children, joy and comfort in the most basic things.
I became a mother six years ago to a beautiful girl we named Leah (you’ll see her in pictures on our website!). As a first-time-mommy, I quickly learned the difficulty of finding beautiful, quality items for children. 

I have always been good with designing and putting together a bedroom to make it cozy and welcoming, and so, I figured, why not make this something I can do every day for people envisioning something special and unique for their own child?
Now I needed a name…Léush! It’s a name that just clicked, as it is my daughter Leah’s nickname. I knew it was the perfect fit for the perfect boutique! Forward three years, David and Daniel, my precious twin boys, were born and brought to my life even more inspiration and realization for what parents are looking for.
And so, I embarked on a journey that truly has been remarkable, giving me and my customers much fulfillment and joy.
The services and products we offer range from baby and children bedding designed by our top designers who hand-pick the most luxurious fabrics from around the world, to customizable bedding the customer desires to put together including embroidery of names and images; stroller and crib accessories such as stroller blankets and stroller totes; bibs and bath products such as towels and robes even for mommy and daddy; holiday and special occasion baskets and gift sets such as diaper cakes and custom packages; interior designing with special attention to the client’s wishes (I truly enjoy making your home what you always dreamed it would be!); and a Judaica line with the most unique items that you will not see anywhere else.

You will ALWAYS receive the best customer service from me and my team and we will always strive to make the best product for your child!

All products by Léush are made in the USA

With love, Eti Hanina,
CEO and Founder of My Léush